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Radiography and N.D.T Services
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Radiography Bay 1 incorporates our 9 Mev LINEAR Accelerator capable of penetrating up to 610mm of steel.

This bay also houses 100 curies of Cobalt 60.

The big asset of this bay is the capability to to handle large castings with the 30 ton capacity overhead crane.

Radiography Bay 2 is the most diverse of our bays and houses 100 curies of Cobalt 60 , Iridium 192 and interchangable X-Ray sets.

Radiography Bay 3 is our dedicated X-ray bay and has been designed to handle large quantities of pipework welds, vessels, road tankers and many other fabricated items.

Because Bay 3 is serviced by our 30 ton crane it enables rapid production and fast turnaround.

A wide variety of portable and fixed X-ray equipment including:
  • 2x 200kV Panoramic sets
  • 4x300kV Directional sets

  • Handling & Storage

    Bays are equipped with heavy lifting equipment and turntables to enable easy movement of components.

    The main storage area is also equipped with a 30 ton capacity overhead crane, transfer bogies in to the bays plus 2 heavy duty forklifts for loading and unloading.

    A large storage area (60m x 30m) with rubber matting for safe handling within the building and a large access door to the building allow articulated vehicles into the storage area for ease of loading and unloading.

    High Speed Proccessing

    Two darkrooms equiped withthe latest AGFA NDT S-Echo proccessors which give us high production rates, enabling fast turnaround of components.

    Four separate viewing areas equiped with high intensifier viewers.

    Dedicated experienced interpreters all trained to cover various acceptance standards.